Carlo Taliani was a leading scientist in Physical-Chemistry that brought major contributions to the emerging fields of Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology. During his career, Carlo has studied Organic Semiconductors, Organic Electronics, Superconductivity, and Fullerenes, and pioneered new realms, like organic spintronics. He was a thorough scientist, but also had original, breakthrough intuitions as a result of his out-of-the-pack thinking and broad vision. He was an innovator who always valued the importance of intellectual property and entrepreneurship when it was not so easy and fashionable. He was a collaborator and colleague of many top class scientists across the world, as well as a guide and inspiration for many young scientists, who are now professors and researchers worldwide. Above all, Carlo has been a precious friend to all of us.

With the Workshop in Memory of Carlo Taliani, we want to celebrate the scientist, the visionary, the man and the friend.

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The Workshop will be held in Area della Ricerca-CNR Bologna, Via Gobetti 101, Bologna (Italy).

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